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Curran Place Journal Peter Cover FBA huge thanks to Peter for providing this daily account of his experience of withdrawal at Curran Place.  It's a great example of the ups and downs of the withdrawal process and the role some of the regular activities play in supporting people through and helping to develop new skills to support longer term change.  We've had to remove some of the individual images included in the original piece (to reduce the size of the file to be downloaded), but those we removed are all included in the group picture towards the end.

If you'd like to share your own experience with any of our treatment services, we'd love to hear from you.

This poem was written by Brittany, a young person who recently attended Williams House, our youth residential withdrawal service.  It describes the impact of methamphetamine use on her and her family and her hope that sharing her experience can help others avoid repeating it.

In order to keep her formatting, we've included it as a PDF.

This is the text of Bill's presentation at our recent Innovation Seminar.  Bill gives a great account of the impacts of his methamphetamine dependence on his physical and mental health, the pressure on his family and the difficulties facing those seeking treatment within established AOD service models.  Experiences like his are one of the key drivers for the changes we've been making to our approach to methamphetamine withdrawal.  Video of the seminar (including Bill's presentation) is available on our YouTube channel.  Photos from the event are on our Facebook page.

Hello and welcome everyone, my name is Bill Parasidis, I would like to thank ReGen for the opportunity to give this presentation, also to noted speakers and presenters who have given their time and knowledge for the topic that has and is, making a massive impact on our community, our children, fathers, mothers, our friends, and our loved ones: Methamphetamine use and dependency.
I am a recovering crystal meth addict on a 1 Gram a day habit, for the last 9 years.  I was in the banking and finance sector, I was a loving father, and loving son, a brother, an uncle, a friend, I emphasize on the word WAS...

Read more: My experience of methamphetamine dependence and recovery - by Bill (25/03/14)
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