Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Education

Advocacy in Action

ReGen Position Statements

Position Statements are developed in response to issues relevant to and/or directly impacting on the alcohol and drug sector, the community and our clients. The following Position Statements have been authorised by the Board of UnitingCare ReGen.

  • Recommendations for the implementation and continued expansion of consumer participation initiatives within alcohol and/or other drugs (AOD) services in Australia

Consumer Participation - Position Statement

Consumer Participation - Supporting evidence

  • Recommendations for the expansion of Family Inclusive Practice within alcohol and other drug (AOD) services in Australia

Family Inclusive Practice - Position Statement

Family Inclusive Practice - Supporting evidence


  • Recommendations for future policy and service development in the Australian alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector regarding the role of ‘Recovery’ principles within the sector

Recovery Oriented Practice - Position Statement

Recovery Oriented Practice - Supporting evidence


  • Support for the consideration of establishing a Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in Melbourne, Victoria

Medically Supervised Injecting Centre - Position Statement

Medically Supervised Injecting Centre - Supporting evidence


  • Recommendation for the expansion of Harm Reduction services in Australia

Harm Reduction - Position Statement

Harm Reduction - Supporting evidence


  • Support for increasing therapeutic interventions for opioid dependence in Australia

Opioid Replacement Therapy - Position Statement

Opioid Replacement Therapy - Supporting evidence


Our responses to AOD sector and related issues


  • Submission to Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Suppy and Use of Methamphetamines

Developing treatment responses to problematic methamphetamine use


  • Submission on proposed rescheduling of alprazolam (Xanax)

Support for rescheduling of alprazolam


  • Submission on Shergold discussion paper on Victorian Community Services Sector reform

Towards a more effective and sustainable community services system: a discussion paper

ReGen's response to the discussion paper


  • Submission on the Victorian Department of Health's proposed AOD Treatment Principles

Vic AOD Treatment Principles Submission


  • Submission on changes to directors of body corporates liability provisions in Liquor Control Act Oct 2012

Joint Submission on Liquor Control Act Oct. 2012


  • Whole-of-Government Victorian alcohol and drug strategy - Community Consultation

Whole-of-Government Victorian alcohol and drug strategy - Community Consultation paper

Moreland Hall's response to Victorian Whole-of-government alcohol and drug strategy consultation


  • Victorian Department of Health AOD Workforce Development Strategy

Consultation Paper

ReGen's response


  • Victorian Government Public Consultation on 'Pathways to a fair and sustainable social housing system'

ReGen's response (as combined submission by UnitingCare Victoria & Tasmania)


  • Federal Government Inquiry into Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

ReGen's submission to the inquiry 







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