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A regular bulletin updating Consumers and staff about Consumer Participation activities.

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ReSpect November 2016

It's been a while since our last update, so we have lots to report on our work to keep expanding our Consumer Participation activities and develop meaningful opportunities for people to participate in the planning, delivery and review of our services.

This edition of ReSpect includes features some of the terrific work being done by people who use our services to help improve our work, support others in recovery, educate service providers and advocate for change.  It also refers to our new report on our Consumer Participation model, which is now available.


ReSpect May 2016

It's been a long time between updates, but that's probably because there's been so much happening that we haven't had time to write one. 

This edition of ReSpect features some of the terrific work being done by our consumer participants, from supporting local community events to public advocacy and playing leading roles in some key ReGen events, including this year's Innovation in Action Seminar: Encouraging Innovation in Consumer Participation Practice.

ReSpect December 2015

This edition of ReSpect describes the range of Consumer Participation activities that have been occurring across the organisation and the wider AOD sector and the crucial contributions ReGen consumers have been making to informing improved policy and practice. Key updates include the establishment of our Peer Support Group and consumer led collection of feedback on our services.

ReSpect September 2015

In this edition of Respect The September, 2015 edition of ReSpect detail’s a new development in ReGen Consumer Participation where people who use services have the opportunity of communicating their views to people in government at different forums, updates Consumer Consultant Meeting activities and reports on ReGen events for World Hepatitis Day and International Overdose Awareness Day.

ReSpect May 2015

In this edition of Respect you will be inspired when reading how ReGen has put themselves on the Consumer Participation map with our extensive Consumer involvement during our Innovation, Collaboration and Inclusion Seminar, presentations by people who use services during our International Women’s Day events and the extensive consultation with family and friends of people who use methamphetamine for a Family first Aid Methamphetamine Program. Enjoy!

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