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Ice international expert speaks at ReGen Seminar (20/3/14)

iaod14 keynote dr nicole lee

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Nicole's latest piece on methamphetamine use has just been published in The Conversation.


ReGen is delighted to announce that Assoc Prof Nicole Lee, recognised internationally for her research into methamphetamine use and treatment, will be the keynote speaker at the 2014 Innovation Seminar.

As the Victorian alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment sector waits with baited breath for the outcome of the recommissioning process, ReGen warmly invites you to participate in a discussion of an issue that will continue to be at the forefront of public and sector debate. Much of this debate has been characterised by pessimism about treatment options and a sense of desperation for a ‘solution’ to the problems associated with methamphetamine dependence.

While there is much that we are yet to learn about methamphetamine treatment and longer-term recovery pathways, the AOD sector already has many tools at its disposal. This seminar aims to look at innovation - what works, what doesn’t, and what we can do to improve the sector’s capacity to respond to the needs of people who use methamphetamine.

Nicole’s keynote presentation will highlight key features of methamphetamine use, including the unique effects of methamphetamine on the brain, which may help to explain the often more erratic and protracted treatment course. An expert in the translation of research findings into treatment practice, she will discuss creative strategies that can be easily implemented by Victorian AOD services.

If you need more convincing, check out Nicole and her previous work.

Nicole will be joining a panel of sector leaders to discuss emerging issues relating to methamphetamine use, as well as broader AOD service delivery, research and advocacy.

Seminar speakers


  • Assoc Prof Nicole Lee – NCETA (Flinders University) & Principal (LeeJenn Health Consultants)

Presentations by ReGen staff and consumers on:

  • Adapting established service models for methamphetamine withdrawal
  • Consumer participation and the experience of using services at ReGen

Q&A panel featuring:

  • Helen Kennedy, Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Co-Operative
  • Aileen Ashford, CEO – CPS
  • Sam Biondo, Executive Officer – VAADA (Victorian Alcohol & Drug Association)
  • Assoc Prof Nicole Lee
  • Donna Ribton-Turner, Director of Clinical Services - ReGen











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