ABI/AOD Clinical Consultant

If you or someone you know is having difficulties with

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Behaviour
  • Insight
  • Planning and organising

or is exhibiting changes for another reason not associated with substance use or mental health then the ABI/AOD Clinical Consultant can help to determine if there is a possibility that some brain injury has occurred.

The aims and objectives of the role of the ABI/AOD Clinical Consultant are to:

  • cerebral cortex lobesFacilitate access and liaise for clients with diagnosed ABI who are within the AOD service system
  • Identify clients already within the AOD service system who present with a high index of suspicion for having an ABI
  • Facilitate access and liaise for clients with alcohol and drug issues who are within the ABI service system
  • Provide secondary consultation services to agencies and clinicians working with clients of either system who have a concurrent co-morbidity
  • Provide direct episodes of care to a small caseload of clients who have a concurrent co-morbidity
  • Facilitate linkages between both the AOD service system and the ABI service systems
  • Provide evidence that treatment of this client group has a significant impact on agency resources 
  • Provide referral for clients who present with a high index of suspicion of ABI for further neuropsychological assessment
  • Support clinicians to work effectively: helping them to identify areas of deficit and put in place strategies for supporting their clients
  • Recognise that early identification, referral and intervention of this client group allows for improved planning, service co-ordination and treatment compliance.

Clients who are accessing the service will be screened for the possibility of ABI, if there is a high index of suspicion they may then be referred by the ABI/AOD Clinical Consultant for more formal neuropsychological assessment. Referrals may be from workers within the ABI/AOD sectors or any other services who believe this would be of benefit for their clients.

Workers may contact Chrissie on 9384 8872 or