Why ReGen

Why ReGen matters

UnitingCare ReGen exists to reduce the harm from problematic alcohol and other drug (AOD) use and promote health and wellbeing.

Since 1970 we’ve been working on the ground with people with AOD issues. We are passionate about social change, but recognise that passion alone isn’t enough. Our work is grounded in research evidence and our experience in developing and delivering services in response to emerging needs. And we don’t just keep our knowledge to ourselves – we share it online, in print and face to face through workforce development, education and advocacy.

Everything we do aims to provide non-judgemental support so that people with AOD issues and their families can achieve their goals. We make this happen in a number of ways including:

Leading practice

  • Using research evidence
  • Developing award-winning services that are recognised nationally and beyond the AOD sector, such as our Catalyst and children, youth and family programs.
  • Rethinking approaches to AOD treatment, including physical health screening; after hours services; and using online and mobile technologies to enhance treatment and education services.
  • Being the leading Victorian agency for client diversion programs for alcohol and illicit drugs, and the lead accredited agency delivering Drug Drive.

Welcoming organisation

  • Treating people with respect. People who use ReGen’s services are our best ambassadors – more than four out of five clients heard about ReGen via word of mouth from other clients.
  • Challenging the stigmatisation of people who use drugs, shaping policy and finding new ways (through new and traditional media) to inform public debate of AOD issues.
  • Investing in an organisationwide approach to changing ReGen’s culture and practice in key areas such as consumer participation, dual diagnosis (AOD and mental health) and family inclusive practice.

Mutually enriching relationships

  • Working in partnership with people who use our services, staff and other service providers. Collaboration is a key strength of our approach, as recognised by our partners, funders and external quality accreditation.
  • Responding to emerging needs, such as working with the Victorian Government to develop new treatment and education programs for people using Ice (methamphetamines).
  • Recognising the commitment of our staff to their work and supporting their professional and personal development. Our staff tell us that working at ReGen is demanding but incredibly rewarding.

Our inspiration is the optimism, boldness and resilience of people affected by problematic alcohol and other drug use.


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