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Since 2000, ReGen Education and Training has been certified as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). ReGen is a key provider of competency based education and training on Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) to the Community Services Sectors. (RTO Registration Number: 20956.)

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For all course enquiries, please contact ReGen's RTO Administration on (03) 9386 2876 or .

2019 Competency Based Training Calendar

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Alcohol & Other Drug Competency Based Units


Work in and alcohol and other drugs context

This unit provides workers with the skills and knowledge required to establish and work within the current context, philosophy and values of the alcohol and other drugs sector.


Work with clients who are intoxicated

The unit provides workers with the skills and knowledge required to respond to the immediate and ongoing needs of people who are intoxicated by alcohol and other drugs, with a focus on harm minimisation.


Assess the needs of clients with alcohol and other drug issues

This unit provides workers with the skills and knowledge required to prepare for and conduct an assessments of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) clients to determine eligibility, service requirements and referral needs. This includes knowledge of factors affective assessments for a range of different client group’s equivalent.


Provide alcohol and other drug withdrawal services

This unit provides workers with the skills and knowledge required to provide support and assistance to people going through the process of withdrawing from alcohol and other drugs.


Provide interventions for people with alcohol and other drug issues

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to confirm, conduct and monitor intervention strategies to address alcohol and other drug issues.



Develop strategies for alcohol and other drugs relapse prevention and management

The unit provides workers with skills and knowledge required to develop strategies and to prevent and manage relapse.


Develop and review individual alcohol and other drug treatment plans

This unit provides workers with the skills and knowledge required to work collaboratively with clients to establish treatment goals, and to develop and evaluate individual treatment plans to meet those goals.


Other Units

Provide First Aid
Provide CPR


For details on any Alcohol & Other Drug Competency, call ReGen's RTO Administration on (03) 9386 2876 or r.

Consumer Training

Pathways Project 

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ReGen RTO is offering free consumer training as part of the Pathways Project. The Pathways Project is a supportive training program for people who have used ReGen services. The training includes competency based training in Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) and First Aid, as well as non-competency training in Mental Health First Aid, Working with Groups, Assertive and Appropriate Communication, Public Speaking, Resume and Cover Letter Preparation, and Child Safety. The Pathways project is ideal for people who are:

  • Currently working or wish to work in consumer representation and participation roles;
  • Might like to study and work in the Alcohol and Other Drug Sector;
  • Interested in further study and it has been a long time since they last studied within an education environment.

For more information about the project, including further information about the courses offered, download the Pathways Project Overview leaflet as a PDF.

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Trainers and Assessors

ReGen Education and Training is committed to providing services of a high educational standard. Our trainers/assessors come from education and practice based backgrounds, and bring to the training many years experience in their respective fields.

We have adopted a partnership approach to learning through out our programs with the role of the trainer/assessor being one of facilitator and resource person for participants. In addition the assessor/trainer is also to role model a range of values, attitudes and behaviours which are appropriate for the sector.

View the staff profiles page for more information on our trainers.

Training Delivery

ReGen understands that adult learners learn in different ways. In recognition of this, ReGen incorporates a range of learning strategies and methodology that actively engage the participant in the process of learning.

ReGen provides training in a practical and workplace relevant manner.


All of Uniting ReGen's education materials are developed to meet the requirements of accredited training. Therefore the materials also include an assessment strategy, which is able to confirm participants' achievement of competency.

ReGen acknowledges that learners may possess skills, knowledge and abilities that have been gained from work, life and education experiences. In recognition of this ReGen supports the process of recognising participants past experience through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Direct Credit Transfer and Recognition of AQF qualifications issued by other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

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