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We believe that change is possible. We know that treatment and education support positive and sustainable changes for individuals and families.

However, we recognise that the stigma associated with AOD use makes it harder for people to seek the help they need to rebuild their lives and undermines most public discussion of AOD issues. There are plenty of strong opinions that get expressed during debates of AOD issues. Unfortunately, many of them are simply uninformed or refuse to acknowledge the evidence on what works best.

We are committed to increasing community understanding of the issues and increasing support for evidence-based policy.


News - Following the discourse

ReGen aims to follow and contribute to discussions related to issues of alcohol and other drug use, law, treatment and research.

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Advocacy - Changing attitudes and policy

Through our advocacy, we promote changes in community attitudes on a range of AOD issues and the development of evidence-based policy responses.

Check out our advocacy in action page that includes Position Statements and supporting evidence on key issues, media releases and our responses to AOD sector issues.



The media both in Australia and internationally are critical in shaping the debate. We are committed to monitoring media coverage of AOD issues and shaping the debate in Australia. You can see recent examples of our success here.

If you are a journalist seeking media spokespeople or media contacts please see our Media Contacts page


Social Media

Social media provides us with great opportunities to communicate directly with a variety of audiences and build communities of support for change.

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