ABI Training for AOD Workers

A few places are still available for our ABI/AOD workshop on 11 February.

The 4 hour workshop will explore the ways to work with clients who have AOD issues as well as potential or diagnosed ABI. This 4 hour workshop will include:

  • A brief outline of neuroanatomy 
  • How, when and why to screen for an ABI
  • What do the ABI and AOD services expect from their consumers
  • Strategies for clinicians to use with clients who have diagnosed ABI, or high possibility of having an ABI

This session will be facilitated by: Chrissie Webster Northern Region ABI/AOD Clinical Consultant

To recover costs, ReGen will be charging $70 to participate in this training.

Registration closes strictly Friday 7th Feb.

To secure a place, email your completed the registration form to