UnitingCare unveils its new vision: Response from concerned agencies (03/05/16)

This morning, UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania issued (UCVT) a media release on the appointment of the Chair of a new Single Agency Board, as the next step in the proposed merger of all UnitingCare agencies in Victoria and Tasmania.

ReGen, Kildonan UnitingCare and UnitingCare Ballarat have expressed a range of concerns about the the proposal and the process being followed.  Our combined response to the UCVT announcement is below.


UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania this morning revealed its new vision for the future of its community service organisations.

The announcement and details regarding the new Chair of the single Agency Board, comes after a number of concerned agencies appealed to the Synod Standing Committee over the weekend for the process to be slowed, in order to allow for greater consultation.

The statement below can be attributed to the Chairs of UnitingCare Ballarat, UnitingCare ReGen and Kildonan UnitingCare (Brian Collins, Sandy Ross and Kate Long).

‘We acknowledge and appreciated the opportunity to convey our concerns to the Synod Standing Committee and welcome its commitment to further consultation in the refinement and implementation of the new governance and operational model.

However we are disappointed the subsequent SSC resolutions did not address our particular proposal to slow down the process and implement a phased approach, to better mitigate against the significant risks we see associated with merging 26 agencies in one manoeuvre.

Our concerns around the issues below remain, and we look forward to working with other agencies and the new Chair and Board members in particular, with whom we shall continue to advocate for the change process to be given the time it deserves:

  • Continuing service innovation and delivery
  • Local responsiveness and meaningful local connections
  • Client wellbeing and client participation in service governance
  • Partner and funder relationships
  • Grass root supporter relationships
  • Retention of staff and expertise.


For media enquiries, contact ReGen CEO Laurence Alvis (03 9384 8880) or Media Contact Paul Aiken (0435 875 818)


See the original joint release by ReGen, Kildonan UnitingCare and UnitingCare Ballarat.