Melbourne, VIC, 13th May 2016 – UnitingCare ReGen today called on the providers and funders of Victorian alcohol and other drug treatment services to demonstrate their commitment to Consumer Participation as core business.

Discussion at Wednesday’s Encouraging Innovation in Consumer Participation Practice seminar (delivered in partnership with APSU at SHARC) highlighted the benefits of Consumer Participation to all those who use, provide and fund alcohol and other drug treatment services.

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Melbourne, VIC, 5th May 2016 – UnitingCare ReGen’s annual Innovation in Action seminar is on next week (May 11) at the agency’s Coburg site. Under the theme, ‘Encouraging Innovation in Consumer Participation Practice’, this year’s seminar will be run in partnership with the Association of Participating Service Users and will highlight a wide range of experiences by people who use ReGen’s services, affected family members and service providers.

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Three significant UnitingCare community welfare agencies have declared a loss of confidence in the process intended to reform the network's operations throughout Victoria and Tasmania.

The Boards of Kildonan UnitingCare, UnitingCare ReGen and UnitingCare Ballarat have unanimously passed resolutions declaring the current path will jeopardise the mission of the Church and put services to the community and our most vulnerable clients at risk.


See the full media release.

This morning, UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania issued (UCVT) a media release on the appointment of the Chair of a new Single Agency Board, as the next step in the proposed merger of all UnitingCare agencies in Victoria and Tasmania.

ReGen, Kildonan UnitingCare and UnitingCare Ballarat have expressed a range of concerns about the the proposal and the process being followed.  Our combined response to the UCVT announcement is below.

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Melbourne, VIC, 18th April, 2016 – UnitingCare ReGen today welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement of its next round of measures within its ‘Ice Action Plan’, including the expansion of Victoria’s Drug Court to Melbourne Magistrate’s Court. The $32 million initiative is one of a range of other measures to increase service sector capacity to respond to the impacts of methamphetamine use within Victorian communities.

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