ReGen in the Media

A collection of articles, interviews and images of ReGen featured in the media

The Melbourne Times has published an article describing a client's experience with the Catalyst (alcohol rehabilitation) program:

Moreland Hall has some concerns about language used to describe program participants and a factual error (we don't give out 'energy drinks' at reception but some clients do take 'Up and Go' shakes as part of our nutrition program), but it's an otherwise good representation of the type of impact that the program is having on people's lives.

The Victorian Governement is considering the Residential Tenancies Amendment Public Housing Bill 2011 targetting public housing tenants and drug trafficking.  In this interview on 3CR's 'Done By Law' our CEO Laurence Alvis discusses his concerns about the potential implications of the proposed changes.

{saudioplayer}Laurence Alvis_DoneByLaw_3CR050411.mp3{/saudioplayer}

Hughsey and Kate (NovaFM) were discussing 'rehab' on their breakfast show 8th March 2011, when a caller 'Maria' rang to comment on our LACP withdrawal program.