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croakeyThe following article has been published on the Croakey health journalism site:


The public empathy with victims of shocking public violence in Melbourne’s CBD is in marked contrast to the growing pattern of stigmatising rhetoric and punitive policies towards those most at risk of violence in our city. Donna Ribton-Turner (UnitingCare ReGen’s acting CEO) considers what effect the broad pattern of public figures blaming individuals for structural and social problems is having on public attitudes (and public policy), and what needs to change if we are to achieve sustainable improvements in homelessness, alcohol and other drug use and other contributors to disadvantage within our communities.

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Coverage in the Age of the launch of our new Mother and Baby withdrawal service, featuring an interview with one of our consumers who bravely shared her story to highlight the particular and interrelated impacts of trauma, mental health, stigma and AOD use on mothers with young children (and the need for specialist services like this one).  

In spite of the headline, Anne's story also emphasises the determination and resilience of people who use our services in overcoming significant challenges to rebuild their lives (and those of their families).

A huge thanks to Anne and all the people who have used our services and contributed to the development of this new service.

croakeyThe following article has been published on the Croakey health journalism site.

In the past 30 years, Australia has gone from being a global drug policy leader to the back of the pack. UnitingCare ReGen CEO LaurencAlvis says the Abbott/Turnbull Governments’ cuts to the alcohol and other drug sector and downgrading of expert policy advice have left the country without a clear drug policy framework and increasingly ill-prepared to respond to emerging concerns.

Melbourne, VIC, 7th November 2016: The recent announcement of the defunding of the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) is yet another blow to an already embattled Australian alcohol and other drug sector. It is the latest in a series of significant losses (under the Abbott and Turnbull Governments) of sector capacity to provide sustainable treatment services, undertake key research into emerging issues and contribute to the ongoing development of effective, evidence based drug policy.

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