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Together with VAADA's Sam Biondo, our CEO Laurence Alvis has been interviewed by SYN Radio's Panorama program in response to comments by Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Tony Fontana that levels of demand for illicit drugs within our communities is a 'national disgrace' and that eradicating demand is the 'pure and simple' solution to the problem.

We'd suggest Mr Fontana's rhetoric is undermines efforts to address the impacts of illicit drug use on individuals and families within our communities and that his approach (given the persistence of demand for psychoactive drugs throughout human history) is not likely to be an effective one.

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Berwick Leader article on our South East Catalyst program.Shannon Berwick Leader

While the language used to describe the people who use our services isn't ideal, it's great to see their voices being given such prominence in the story and get a sense of the hope that is a common factor for everyone undertaking the program. Thanks to David, Stuart and Chloe for sharing their stories.  If you'd like to learn more about the program, see the program page or give us a call (1800 700 514). 

This Berwick Leader article features our Trevor King on ReGen's position on compulsory treatment. It's a follow up piece to an earlier article on the impacts on family members of a loved one's methamphetamine use and includes a mother's diary entries, highlighting the struggle faced by affected families and their understandable frustrations with service accessibility.

If your family is affected, we might be able to help. Give us a call (1800 700 514)