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Little Book on Alcohol

My name is Bella, I’m twenty-one and I spent my adolescence growing up in Melbourne.

I don’t know a single person who drinks everyday, but I know a lot of people who have issues with alcohol.  My point is, problems to do with alcohol are not just for those who are considered ‘alcoholics’ or violent.

Anyone who drinks alcohol or is around people who drink should know the potential harms and risks. You may never have touched a drop of alcohol in your life and never want to, or you may claim you invented ‘goon of fortune’ (where you attach a bag of goon to a hills hoist).  Either way, you should be able to get something out of this book.

Just to clarify, this book won’t tell you alcohol is bad and you should never touch it.  This is a book to try and combat the crap.  Hundreds of years of drunken beer hall logic have left the topic of alcohol as confusing as why some ‘celebrities’ are famous.  My hope is this book might set a few things straight.



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Putting together the pieces: Responding to trauma and substance use

You may be working with clients with trauma and alcohol and other drug issues or you may want to effectively respond to a client’s trauma or it may be that you are just interested in the issue of trauma; then why not access this FREE resource right now!

Putting together the pieces is a FREE evidenced based resource that provides workers with practical skills and knowledge to assist a client to work with their trauma issues within an alcohol and other drug context.

Download the FREE resource here


Take it Away books

These two new Take it Away Handbooks, have been designed to assist people who wish to reduce or cease their use of alcohol and other drugs or to find safer ways of using.

Book 1: Planning for Change - is designed to be given to people preparing for change. It takes the reader though a series of activities which will help them to clarify their thinking about their drug use, and the changes they want to make.

Book 2: Keeping Going – helps people continue with and maintain change. It contains activities to help with urges; cravings, high risk situations, responding to lapses and relapses and finding alternatives to using drugs or alcohol.

Some people may wish to purchase both books together. In addition family members, friends or allied health workers will find the books useful when supporting someone working through the challenges of making changes.



Drug Use & Mental Health Brochure

This brochure comes in it's own clear zip lock bag and folds out into a poster (Dimensions: 24cm (W) x 42.1cm (H)).

It examines the relationship between substance use and mental health; the affects and potential risks of different substances on mental health; tips for looking after your mental health and where to go for help.

Please note: Each brochure will be inside a clear zip lock bag.


Mind Your Head

Some things you might want to know about drugs & mental health

Developed as a resource for young people and anyone else (including teachers, parents and allied health workers) wanting to know more about the relationship between mental health & substance use. The book provides information on different drugs and their effects on mental health, strategies for looking after your mental health and getting help and support.


Duggy's Krew 

Duggy’s Krew is a new series of three short animations, facilitator guide and activities, designed for young people who are new drivers or preparing to get their driver’s licence.

The resource aims to promote safer driving behaviours by stimulating discussion on the effects alcohol, cannabis and amphetamines can have on the body, how these drugs may impact on driving ability, and the process of Random Saliva Testing as it is conducted by police throughout Victoria.

Meet Duggy, Raelene; Davo and think about what you would do differently if in their shoes!

You can order the DVD; accompanying booklet by printing out our Resource Order form.

The accompanying activity sheets can be downloaded from here.



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Driving Straight

(DVD & 5 Booklets)

Drugs & Driving Educational DVD & Resource Booklet - Developed in line with the Victorian Government's (world first) Drugs & Driving Legislation for random roadside drug testing implemented in 2006. Includes FAQs answered by experts in the field and has a selection of 5 different "real life" drug driving scenarios. Testing process; Regaining your licence; Assessment & drug education process; Methadone & driving. "Driving Straight" is the first educational resource on this subject with wide educational applications.


The DVD runs for 30 minutes or just specific sections can be selected and played. (Note: Extra booklets can be purchased for $5 a copy).


The Big Book Series

Lots of handy harm minimisation information about a wide variety of legal and illegal drugs presented in a fantastic cartoon-graphic format. Humourous, simple and engaging this material is perfect for use with current drug users who are seeking more information about drug use.

Includes information about: alcohol, amphetamines, cannabis, caffeine, ecstasy, heroin, LSD and others as well as drugs and the law and basic first aid.

View more about these on the Big Book Series page

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