The Counselling Team of experienced counsellors assist people to deal with problems associated with alcohol and other drug use.
Counselling services are available to people who live in the North and West Metro regions. There is a counsellor available to see individuals and/or family members at a range of locations
How a Counsellor can help 
Some of the things a counsellor can help you with include:
  • information about the effects of alcohol and drug use
  • assisting you to plan to make changes to their alcohol or other drug use (incorporating goal setting)
  • assisting you to develop strategies to prevent relapse
  • support in behaviour change
  • assistance in contacting other services that can help
  • information and support for families affected by alcohol and other drug use  
After Hours Counselling
ReGen has counselling appointments available on Wednesday and Thursday evenings (5:00 pm - 8:30 pm). This can be helpful if a person is working, studying or has other commitments during the day.
Attendance at these times is via appointment only. 
To access Counselling Services please contact our Intake Team.