Many things happen in people's lives and in the lives of their families. Sometimes people want support and for someone to listen deeply through these aspects of life. Pastoral care offers this deep listening. Spiritual care nurtures the experience(s) that are often crucial in shaping a person's attitude to life, but are not always easily explained or measured. Exploration of this dimension of human experience is not always given attention, but may be a significant part of a person's self-understanding or making sense of life.

Pastoral and spiritual care and support are offered to any people connected with UnitingCare Moreland Hall (Staff, clients and their families). It is available without discrimination to people of all ages, walks of life, from any faith background or non-religious.


The Chaplain

  • offers pastoral care and support to staff, clients or their family members through hospitalisation, family difficulties, grief and loss or assistance to reconnect with the wider community. Some isses people explore with the Chaplain include loss, anger, helplessness, beliefs, guilt/shame, reconciliation, hope
  • supports people to explore meaning, purpose, direction and values - the questions of spirituality. Some themes may include mystery, love, peace, dreams, identity, significance, sense of place or purpose in the world,.. Spiritual care assists people to identify their own deep inner resources, and ways in which these can be strengthened and enhanced. Some people explore religious traditions or seek faith communities that will support their journey, some people explore in a variety of other ways.
  • develops supportive links between the wider community and UnitingCare Moreland Hall. These links are important to enable advocacy for clients and their families, to develop appropriate support to assist clients and their families to address particular issues or needs, or to develop and provide other support for our services. They are part of our desire to build a just and compassionate community.
  • supports people, if required, through the Complaints Process.

The Chaplain can be contacted by clients or family members by phone (03) 9386 2876, while participating in residential withdrawal (adult or youth) services, or while attending the Jessie Street site for any reason. It is not essential for a referral to be made to speak with the Chaplain.