North and West Metro AOD Service

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A new AOD treatment system
ReGen, Odyssey House Victoria (and a range of other local service providers) have come together as partners to deliver the new services across Melbourne's North and West Metro Regions. We will be sharing the delivery of the new services across four of the new catchment areas for AOD treatment. Download the North & West Metro AOD Service Brochure.


Who are the services for?
There have been some changes to who is eligible for the new treatment services. We're still offering a wide range of supports, but we're working more closely with other community services to make sure you get the help you need.


Where do I start?
Making the first phone call is often the hardest step. Have a chat with our Intake team to see what your options are.


What services are available?
There are a range of treatment and support services for people with different needs.


Who is providing these services?
As well as ReGen, Odyssey House Victoria and our other partners, there are several organisations providing AOD treatment in each area.


Which service is closest to me?
Treatment services are available at a range of locations (in different settings) throughout each catchment.


How much choice do I have?
Once you have spoken to our Intake team and we’ve agreed on what services best meet your needs, you are free to choose from the options available.