Consumer Rights

How much choice will I have?

Everyone coming into treatment will need to come through the central Intake service.  From there on, you will have the right to decide which treatment services you will participate in and who will provide them. 

Once you have finished your assessment, our staff will work with you to develop an agreed treatment plan, including the location and service provider that best meets your individual needs.

You can request to be referred to a particular service provider (or not to be), based on your previous experience with their services. 

As with any referral process, requests to see a particular worker would need to be managed by the agency concerned.

You will have the right to review your treatment plan at any stage of your treatment.  Depending on your individual circumstances, any significant changes to your plan may involve workers from other services and will be confirmed by Clinical Review.


What are my rights if I use your services?

ReGen and Odyssey are committed to treating all people who use our services with dignity, respect and without discrimination.  You can learn more about your rights as a service user from our websites:

ReGen - Client Charter 

Odyssey - Your Feedback