Service Information

Understanding the changes

The Victorian Department of Health (the main funder for alcohol and other drug treatment services in the State) is changing the way alcohol and drug treatment services are organised and delivered.  The changes are designed to make it easier for people to get the help they need. 

The reform process means that there are some service providers working in new areas and others that are no longer providing alcohol and other drug treatment. 

The new treatment services that are part of the current changes are:

  • Intake and Assessment – a centralised service in each catchment to manage people’s entry into treatment services;
  • Care & Recovery Co-ordination – a broad support service for people with more complex needs;
  • Counselling – including a range of individual services and group programs;
  • Non-Residential Withdrawal – supporting people to undertake withdrawal at home

The new services are running from September 1, 2014.


Services outside the current changes

Many of our services will stay the same, but the way people engage with them will change.

Some service types are not included in the current changes. These include:

  • Youth specific;
  • Residential withdrawal; &
  • Residential rehabilitation. 

The way these services operate (and which agencies are delivering them) will not change, but the way you enter these services will. Everyone in the North and West Region will now come through the new centralised Intake system.

For more detail about these services, see Treatment and Support (for ReGen services) or other providers’ websites.