Other services

Koori AOD Support Worker
The Koori Court Linkage Support role, which supports the diversion of Koori offenders into alcohol and other drugs treatment at Moreland Hall, is a component of the Illicit Drug Diversion Initiative.
The aim of the Koori Diversion Initiative is to provide Koori clients with equitable access to diversion options in Koori specific and mainstream treatment services.
The Koori AOD Support Worker aims to
  • Assist the Koori Court at Broadmeadows to identify clients that are likely to require alcohol and other drugs treatment. The Koori Alcohol and other Drugs Linkage Support Worker attends Koori Court sittings approximately one day per fortnight.
  • Provide a consultation and referral service to assist clients from the Koori Magistrates Court at Broadmeadows to access treatment at Moreland Hall.
  • Communicate with Moreland Hall clinicians and the court to ensure that information on progress in treatment is provided to the court in a timely manner
  • Assess Koori individuals needs to enable the Assessment & Intake Services team to make a decision on the best treatment option
Youth Services
Moreland Hall have Counsellors who have specialist skills in working with young people (12-24yrs) and with Families.

Alcohol & Drug Youth (ADY) Consultant

Supporting drug treatment for young people in out-of-home care residential facilities and adolescent community placement in the DHS North West Metropolitan and Loddon Mallee regions. Contact: (03) 9384 8845

HYP-d Services (Hume Youth and Parents Drug Services)

HYP-D Services provide counselling and support to young people up to 25 yrs (and their family members) in the Hume City Region. We also deliver programs to community groups and agencies on issues relating to substance use.

Intensive Playgroup

Intensive Playgroup is an opportunity for parents and or carers of pre-school aged children (0-5 years) to participate in a Playgroup. This is a program for families who are affected by alcohol or other drug use. It is facilitated by staff who have training in alcohol and other drug treatment and/or childcare. Contact details here (Operating Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Intensive Support Service Program

For alcohol and other drug clients with complex needs.

Supported Accommodation Programs

Do you want to control or stop your problematic drinking and other drug use? Are you finding this hard because of your current living environment? Are you ready to commit to engaging in alcohol and other drug treatment such as counselling and support groups, or are you currently in treatment? Did you answer YES to these questions? If so, contact us here. We provide assistance with linking you to services, as well as assisting in you search for future long term stable accommodation options.

Other services onsite at Moreland Hall

Financial Counselling Services (Broadmeadows Care)
Financial Counselling with outreach to the City of Moreland by appointment.
For further information about any of the above programs call (03) 9386 2876.