Torque - Community Drug Rehabilitation Program

What is Torque?

Torque is a six-week non-residential rehabilitation program located in Coburg for people currently engaged in the justice system offering treatment and support for problematic alcohol and other drug use. Unlike the original Catalyst program, this new program is open to users of any substance.  The aim of the program is to help people develop coping skills and maintain motivation to cease or reduce their substance use.

Most activities are scheduled between 9.30 am and 3.30 pm, and include some evening activities.
Up to 12 people will be participating in the program at any one time.

Download a Torque Information Brochure


Catalyst Programs Manager Shannon Bell describes the programs, what’s involved and how they help support sustainable change (3 minutes)

Who is it for?

To participate in the program, participants must be eligible to have the treatment brokeraged through ACSO COATS, have stable accommodation, stable mental health or well managed mental illness. Some level of literacy in English (though not necessarily proficiency) and the cognitive ability to participate in a group treatment program is also necessary.

Why get involved?

The period following withdrawal is a vulnerable time in which the potential for relapse is significant. The program provides intensive post withdrawal support. The aim is to help people develop coping skills and maintain the motivation to change their substance use at a time when it is very challenging to stay on track. We do not impose sanctions on people who lapse; however, people cannot attend the program if substance intoxicated. Prescribed medication and pharmacotherapies for any drug are recognised as acceptable treatment interventions.


What does the program offer?

  • 6 week non residential structured program
  • 1:1 motivational enahancement sessions
  • Group work including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Recreation and social activities
  • Assessment, goal setting and coordinated service linkages are core components of the program
  • Family or significant other involvement is encouraged

A full description of our session content is available here

Things to Consider

  • Are you willing to commit to abstinence from substance use for the duration of the program, if not we can suggest alternative treatment options. It’s an intensive program; it will take commitment to see it through.
  • You will need stable accommodation for the duration of the program. If you’re worried about where you are going to stay for the night, it will be hard for you to concentrate on and commit to the program
  • Basic literacy in English is required. Whilst the program mostly involves interactive talking, there will be some reading and writing involved.
  • If you are struggling with your mental health, it may be important for the program staff to talk to you and your doctor/mental health worker to asceratin whether the program is right for you and what additional supports may be required for you to participate in the program.

Does it work?

Torque is based on the Catalyst non-residential rehabilitation program program which has been found to support a range of sustained benefits for program participants. All Catalyst evaluation reports are available on the program page.

Torque is also being independently evaluated for its effectiveness in supporting people to make sustainable changes in their lives. It's still early days, but the program is showing signs of achieving comparable outcomes to Catalyst. You can see the full version of the current evaluation report (based on the first year of program delivery) or a briefing paper that provides a summary of the program’s development and participant outcomes.

Where is the program located?

At ReGen’s main site: 26 Jessie St, Coburg (near Moreland train station)

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for participating in the program. In addition, participants will be provided with lunch on days the program runs and also with a MyKi card to assist them in travelling to and from the program.


Want to find out more?

Anyone interested in participating in the Torque or Catalyst programs can attend an information session, held every Wednesday (4.00pm) at our Coburg site (26 Jessie Street). At these sessions you can meet the staff and obtain information about the program.

How can I get into the program?

 If you are a client wanting to access the Torque Program  If you are an agency wishing to make a referral
  • Tell your allocated ReGen Counsellor or Support Worker that you are interested in participating in the Torque Program
  • If you do not have a ReGen Worker you can ring the ReGen Intake Team on 1800 700 514 between 9.00 am – 3.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Comments from recent participants:

  • “I felt like I got a golden ticket.”

  • “This saved my life – turned it around.  It did so much for me.”

  • “My family and people around me can see the difference.”

  • “The whole program has been full of surprises."